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The Skin Resufacer, a Diamond Microdermabrasion with Sonic Skin Spatula and Oxygen/Serum Spray gun.

The Skin Resurfacer Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • *High quality motor and vacuum ( 0-80kPA)

    *Powerful Sonic Skin Spatula (28Khz)

    *Easy to use Oxygen/Serum Spray (adjustable strength and pattern)

    *Sturdy but Lightweight housing

    *Small footprint (12x9x5)

    *No vibration and whisper quiet

    *Tool rack for easy storage

    *White tip filters

    *Set Diamond tips

    *Secondary filters to protect motor (easy to change every 6 months)

Your purchase will include free unlimited online video chat training and a Certificate of Completion of Training. We are excited to help you get started and provide you with the necessary tools to succeed.

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